Meditations by John Dean

Monday, May 5, 2014

There is a Time to Weep

(Romans 12:15 KJV) Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

The Bible truly is an amazing book because it even instructs one as to how to respond to another person’s emotions. For example: It says that if a person rejoices, then we should rejoice with them and if they weep, then we should weep with them.

Jesus was a good example of this as He attended the wedding in Cana. Attending the wedding was reason enough for Him to rejoice, but perhaps it also reminded Him of the wedding that will soon take place in heaven between the “Lamb of God” and “His bride.”

There are many things in life that could cause one to celebrate with another, but I think two of the main reasons for celebrating are probably weddings and the birth of a child. These two events seem to draw smiles and laughter when nothing else can.

However, I have also noticed an equal emotional response when it comes to the “b” part of this verse…where it says that one should “weep with those who weep.”

Weeping and rejoicing are certainly two different emotional extremes, but apparently very important because otherwise one would not be given instruction on how to respond to them.

I have also learned over the years that sadness rarely stands alone. We see this demonstrated by Jesus when He wept with Mary at the grave of Lazarus. Jesus’ response at first may seem a little confusing because He was the Son of God and had power to raise Lazarus from the dead. Perhaps His weeping had less to do with His power and more to do with His humanity side.

In the last few days I found myself thinking more about this scripture than I had in times past. I suddenly realized that even though I thought I understood its meaning, (particularly the “b” part)…I came up short. As a matter of fact I came to the conclusion that the only way one can really understand the ‘b’ part of this scripture is by experiencing it.

A few days ago our family met at my sister-in-law’s beautiful ranch in Marble Falls, Texas for our annual Easter egg hunt. The place was filled with four generations of people ranging in age from just shy of eighty to those who were only a few months old.

After enjoying a big Texas bar-b-que (which was our tradition), we all met on the ranch playground for the big Easter egg hunt. Because I represented the older generation I sat in one of the swings on the porch and enjoyed the whole egg hunting experience. I watched mommies and daddies and grandparents as they took their little ones by the hand and filled their baskets with obviously placed eggs next to the swings, slide and sand box.

I enjoyed watching all of our little ones that day, but my attention was particularly drawn to my little great-great nephew who was just a little more than a year old. I never saw a little boy who loved life and his new found experience of walking more than our little blond curly headed “Moss.” He was fearlessly taking his part of life right out of the middle, and I proudly sat there thinking…that’s my boy!

I drove back home from the ranch that Saturday replaying every wonderful moment of the day and particularly those with little “Moss.” However, I had no idea when I left the ranch that it would be the last time I would see little “Moss.”

Only a few days later our energetic little baby went home to be with the Lord. Shock waves went through our very close-knit family as we were trying to understand it all.

I think I am now beginning to understand what our text meant when it says, “And weep with them that weep.”

I have also come to realize that life is not counted in years, but in minutes. Perhaps life is more about the quality than it is about length. Little “Moss” did not have much length to his little life, but boy did he have the quality. Perhaps that is why he fearlessly challenged every single moment of it.

I am also learning that sometimes our silent weeping speaks as much comfort to the broken hearts of others as our many words. I know you have received our little “Moss” with open arms.


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