Meditations by John Dean

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ruling Over or Lording Over

(Hebrews 13:24 KJV) Salute all them that have the rule over you, and all the saints.

This scripture seems to indicate that there are two different “classes” of people.  Those who “rule over” and those who are “ruled over.”

However, after studying our text a little deeper it becomes obvious that some leaders misinterpret “ruling over” as to mean “lording over.” When one “rules over” the driving force usually has to do with a Godly function, scriptural government or the anointing. That means that this type of “class difference” is fine and should be respected. In other words it has to do with function rather than valuing one person greater than another.

This type of “rule” is never meant to take away one’s God given rights, but to help guide one successfully through life in those rights. By submitting to this type of “rule” one not only learns how to succeed in following, but they also learn how to succeed in being a good leader.

It is a totally different thing when one “lords” over another. “Ruling over another” is meant to guide…whereas “lording over another” is meant to divide. “Lording over another” is meant to show that one person is actually better than another person. In other words, I am either better than you or you are better than me.

The Aristocratic age in Europe is a good example of this. The Aristocrats were considered to be born as a people of rank. Because of that they were often an overbearing, proud and haughty people.

Because they believed in this form of government, their whole family was also considered to be Aristocrats. That meant that everyone else was considered beneath them.

I find it extremely sad that over the last fifty years much of the Body of Christ has adopted this same “aristocratic” form of government. I am sure that it was not planned by man but by Satan, because he knew of mankind’s weakness for wanting power over others.

As a result many church leaders went from “ruling over” to “lording over” the people. This resulted in a form of “mind control.”

I have spent hundreds of hours over the last fifty plus years counseling people with various kinds of problems, including those who were affected by “mind bending” leaders.

I discovered that it was much easier to see success in healing one from alcohol problems, drug addictions and other weaknesses than it was for healing of a  “controlled mind.” The reason being…most addictions are the results of what one does to themselves by making wrong decisions. Whereas “mind control” on the other hand is the result of what has been done to one by another.

In most cases, the one guilty of such “mind control” tactics is not aware they are using a form of witchcraft in their leadership. If they did they would probably stop it.

The answer to such problems is to first recognize that the “aristocratic spirit” is not only alive and well, but it seems to be growing at a breakneck speed.

The second thing is to realize that Satan is the guilty one and not the person he is using to carry out his dastardly deed.

Thank You for giving us the opportunity to learn more about how we should lead. Help us not to respond in any harmful way to those that You sent Your son to die for. Forgive us if we have misused our authority in any way by “lording over” Your people rather than by “ruling over” them.


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