Meditations by John Dean

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Illegitimate Leadership

(Daniel 7:9 MKJV)  I watched until the thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days sat, whose robe was white as snow, and the hair of His head like the pure wool. His throne was like flames of fire, and His wheels like burning fire.

From the beginning of time ruling others and building one’s own kingdom has been a primary motivator for mankind. This pattern was actually started in heaven by Satan wanting to take God’s place.

Seeking power to rule seems to be at the very heart of mankind and therefore he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. As a result, ruling power appears to be one of the most sought after things in the world.

Because mankind loves power and wants to build his own kingdom by ruling others…two things seem to emerge from that desire regardless of the class of people…those who need to lead and those who need to be led.

However, not everyone who leads is an actual leader. A good example of that is often found with a man and his wife. Even though governmentally the man is the head of  the home…the wife often has to lead because her husband is incapable.

When leaders are called by God, their call is always accompanied by an anointing equal to the responsibility. However, that calling does not mean they walk alone…it means they are partnering with God each step of their way in order for success to follow.

On the other hand, illegitimate leadership is usually claimed by one being louder, more controlling, bigger or more intimidating than everyone else. When a person claims leadership by these means it is not only illegitimate, but it is actually a form of witchcraft.

The fact is, most folks want to be at peace and therefore they would rather surrender to the loud intimidating person than to battle over who is in change.

An example of such worldly leadership is found in many places in the Old Testament, but the one which sticks out the most to me has to do with Egypt.  Egypt’s Old Testament leaders seem to be the total opposite from God called leaders. Their leaders were natural minded whereas God’s leaders are suppose to be spiritual minded. Egypt’s leaders exalted themselves whereas God’s leaders exalt God.

I was in New York a few days ago and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is one of the finest museums in the world. I was particularly fascinated by an exhibit from Egypt named “The Temple of Dendur.” This was an actual temple and was estimated to have been built on the Nile river around 23 BC. If these dates are correct, then this temple would have been built before Mary (the mother of Jesus) was born.

Egypt actually presented this temple and its gate as a gift to the United States in 1965, which at the time was represented by Jacqueline Kennedy and others. The cost for dismantling the temple and moving it to New York was 9.5 million dollars.

In thinking about the temple and what a fascinating piece of history it is, I was still aware that it represented the opposite of who God has called us to be. It represented a history of worshiping foreign gods, slavery and even sacrificing humans in the first dynasty. Even though the “The Temple of Dendur” is fascinating and I would go see it again…it still represents illegitimate leadership.

However, according to the Bible, one day every knee (good leadership or illegitimate leadership) will bow to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. “The Ancient of Days whose robe is white as snow and whose hair is like the pure wool and whose throne is like flames of fire and whose wheels are like burning fire” will appear.

It is fascinating to look back at such history as “The Temple of Dendur,” but it is more thrilling to look forward to what the Lord has prepared for those who love Him. “For it is written eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Thank You for rewarding those who love You and particularly those who follow Your example in leading others. Help us as leaders to hold our hand tightly in Your hand while reaching back and helping those who follow us. Our desire is to build the Kingdom of God and not our own kingdom.


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