Meditations by John Dean

Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Talking Out Of Style?

(Ecclesiastes 3:7 KJV) A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 

When our text says that there is “a time to keep silence” it is not insinuating that talking should be replaced. It simply means that there should be a balance between talking and listening. The reason for silence is because through silence (or listening) we learn…and then by meditating on what we have learned it becomes established.

The fact is there is nothing quite as fruitful as meditating on the Word of God. Such fruit bearing times not only allow one to receive fresh revelation for the moment, but it also allows one to re-enjoy the blessings of the past.

Our text also says there is a time to speak. That means if one does not speak of their relationship with Christ and give Him praise and glory, then surely the rocks would cry out.

With that thought in mind, I must say that there are several things about the younger generation that bother me. By saying that, I do not mean to insinuate that my generation was any better and that it should be held up as an example. I merely want to point out a potential cause for alarm in this present generation.

There are so many wonderful young people in the world today. However, there are many other young people who simply want to ‘dumb out’ and not even communicate with their parents or anyone else. The way they do that seems simple and harmless…but is it?

I saw a good example of this last week when my family and I were on vacation in Hawaii. One night we went to a luau and met and had dinner with a great family from Alabama. This couple had two boys who were eleven and fourteen years of age.

The eleven year old was engaged in and enjoyed our conversation as well as enjoying the events of the evening. However, the fourteen year old sat there all evening with ear buds in his ears and never looked up. He chose not to talk, listen or make eye contact.

I am sad to say that over the years I have met a few people that were born deaf and dumb. However, it saddened me tremendously to see one who was not born deaf and dumb choose to live as if they were. What could possibly have happened in a young person’s life that was so bad it would cause him to want to zone out like that?

Another thing that alarms me is when one chooses an alternative for talking. I realize that anything good can be taken to an extreme and particularly by those who are prone to live an undisciplined lifestyle.

For example, texting is a great tool, but when it is taken to an extreme it can eliminate needed conversation.

Texting is a low level way of communicating because one only gets the bare minimum of the intent of the word. There is what I call a two level communication that can only be accomplished by talking face to face with a person. The word in a text may give a measure of meaning, but it takes the spirit of the person face to face to give full meaning, life and power to that word.

The point is we should all seek proper balance in every area of our lives.

Thank You for reminding us of potential extremes and ways to avoid them by meditating on Scripture such as our text. Is it possible that we see some of our own ugliness and imbalance through some of the young people of this generation? We ask for Your patience Lord as we grow in You.


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