Meditations by John Dean

Monday, September 19, 2011

How Will We Be Judged

(1Co 11:32) When we are judged by the Lord, we are being disciplined so that we will not be condemned with the world.

The way one is judged in life by others will probably be a long unresolvable issue. I suppose it depends on the one doing the judging as to the outcome. I am not sure how we will be judged in life by others, but I am sure that when God judges us it is by His mercy. He judges how many times we get up and not how many times we fall.
Many times we are judged by man for our eloquence in presenting God’s Word.  However, eloquence of speech and passion of heart is not necessarily the same thing. The idea of ministry in the first place is that of restoring mankind back to God regardless of one’s eloquence.

When we present the Word of God from our comfortable air conditioned sanctuaries behind a pulpit, that is wonderful…but it costs us little or nothing. On the other hand when we fulfill the great commission with signs and wonders following there is some cost.

There is nothing quite like the first sounds of a new born baby. They are pure and innocent and untainted by a flawed world. The same thing is true when one gives birth to answering a call to the mission field. While in God’s birthing room (the altar) giving birth to a “mission field call” to a foreign land...perhaps the following is what that call sounds like. Particularly if it is shrouded by humility and tears as it comes forth out of the birthing canal and its first sound is…“Yes Lord!” This was the case with Jackie as she penned the words of this poem to the Lord on May 15, 1995. Since that time Jackie has made her home in Arad, Romania.

I heard the call so softly enter first into my heart,
The words bore urgency, but I knew not where to start.
I hid this thing away, keeping it deeply within my soul,
Studying on it when alone, never daring to share.
It grew and grew, then it began to take a shape,
It burned within me, not yet ready for escape.
I planned, I cried, I prayed for this thing only to start!
Lord, please use me I asked of God from deep within my heart!
In reply He spoke “Lonely is the road on which you must travel,
Payment of the price is high, friends will say you’ve lost your way.
To follow this path from this point you may not return,
Many things will I teach you if you really want to learn.”
“Will you pay this price?  Search your heart before you agree!
What answer do you give He asked?”  I said – yes Lord – use me.

The world in general may never know Jackie, but the Lord and the heavenly host know who this wonderful grandmother is because they walk together daily. For one to receive a smile from the Lord concerning their service to Him is worth more than earthly fame.

The question of “How Will We Be Judged?” is a question that will no doubt be answered differently by God than by man. God always judges by purpose and heart, whereas man tends to judge by human reasoning.
Help us to not judge others by how well they may or may not do things. On the other hand, help us to recognize and be quick to compliment others by the purity of their motives and the selflessness of their deeds. Thank you, Lord for the ‘Jackies’ of this world that are living examples for the rest of us.

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